Expand your Knowledge and Professional International Experience with the UNDP Virtual Development Assignment Programme

While the People for 2030 strategy has only just moved into its second phase, we are excited to already see so many newly implemented initiatives that encapsulate exactly what UNDP had envisioned for its long-term goals. With that, we are thrilled to showcase the Virtual Development Assignment Programme (VDAP) that touches upon many focus areas including, but not limited to, Building Capabilities and Developing People, and Creating a Rewarding Career Experience.

Launched in 2020, the VDAP is an experiential virtual assignment, which allows participants to engage in on-the-job learning through working on a UNDP project outside their Country Office or Bureau. Project assignments last 4 months and typically require 5–6 hours a week on top of one’s normal duties associated with their designated Country Office or Bureau. The VDAP presents personnel with significantly increased opportunities to broaden their experience and work on projects that they normally wouldn’t have had the chance to be a part in the past.

Picture: Previous VDAP participants

In addition to being cost-effective, this innovative program promotes collaboration among all personnel as it gives employees the opportunity to exchange ideas and knowledge with others associated with the programme. To that point, it also provides participants the opportunity to expand their professional networks.

To date, the VDAP has had over 100 participants spanning 25+ Country Offices and Bureaus. With 40+ projects in English, French and Spanish to date, more are being added all the time.

Focus areas for projects to date include:

to name, but a few.

While employees will most likely be assigned roles based on their experience and expertise, this Programme allows them the opportunity to work on advancing their competencies while also offering exposure to international assignments.

Picture: Testimonials from UNDP colleagues who have participated in this VDAP Programme

The VDAP has been shortlisted for the Career Development Roundtable Award (CDR), which recognizes innovative initiatives made by human resources practitioners from the international public sector in the fields of employee engagement and recruitment.

Working with colleagues across the organization, you realize that there is so much internal creative potential to tap into without needing to bring any external resources. It brings a fresh pair of eyes and a new perspective where we capitalize on our own experience and expertise and also those of our colleagues.

-Project Manager, UNDP Tunisia

To sign up for this incredible programme, register HERE

To learn how to post a project on VDAP click HERE

To learn how to apply to a project on VDAP click HERE

Looking for information on our Career Initiatives, check out our YouTube channel.

For more details contact: career.development@undp.org



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