Exploring innovative ways to address HR challenges: UNDP in conversation with Bhutan Royal Civil Service Commission

  • Management of leadership talent
  • Performance management
  • Transfer policies and their enforcement

To address the above, Director Bearfield elaborated on key initiatives from the implementation of UNDP’s people strategy — People for 2030. Introduced in 2019, People for 2030 set out to achieve a transformational change in UNDP’s people culture and capabilities, with the aim of helping UNDP increase its capacity to deliver more and better development results. Over a 3-year period the strategy has resulted in tangible progress and visible changes within UNDP, and it was an honour to share lessons from People for 2030’s successful execution with RCSC.

Video: Virtual Learning session with Director David Bearfield

The success of strategic HR management goes beyond the changes to HR capabilities, including policies, strategies, mechanisms and tools. It also includes ensuring that staff and managers are motivated and empowered to tackle issues at the local level. To this end, Director Bearfield emphasized the importance of ensuring ‘shared accountability’ at all levels of an organization so that there is a commitment to change amongst all personnel who jointly take the onus to drive transformation.

“We are in the middle of the transformation. Themes like talent management, leadership development, performance management, digital literacy and digitized government are all significant and remarkably close to what we are currently doing. The learning session was very timely, highly informative and relevant to what we are trying to do as part of the CSR (Civil service reform).” — Dasho Dhanapati Mishra, Commissioner, RCSC, Bhutan

At UNDP, we are united by a common purpose: to help countries and communities across the world pursue peaceful, prosperous lives, in harmony with the planet. With these learning sessions on Strategic HR management in the UN system we also hope to extend further support to those organizations looking to transform their people management capabilities and systems. UNDP’s work is only sustainable if our partner institutions continue to grow and learn, and UNDP remains committed to assist with that growth.

“Two years ago on the National Day, His Majesty the King recommended a fundamental restructuring of the public service to prepare the country to become fit for purpose in the 21st century. A strong civil service is a pre-requisite for all the reforms that the country has embarked on in the recent past. Since then, UNDP has collaborated closely with the Royal Civil Service Commission to help realize its vision towards a smart civil service — with a focus on strengthened governance systems, dynamic civil servants, enhanced leadership, and robust strategy. As we are, in parallel, supporting the Royal Government with several policy reform agendas including digitalization and public service delivery enhancement, it was an honor for us, in partnership with UNDP’s own Office of Human Resources, to host this timely and relevant learning and knowledge sharing session with the RCSC” — Azusa Kubota, Resident Representative, UNDP Bhutan

If you are exploring innovative ways to address HR challenges and would like to know more about UNDP’s People for 2030 strategy initiatives and lessons learned during implementation, please reach out to owen.edwards@undp.org to organize a similar learning session in your office.



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