Women in Tech Series: Harnessing the power of technology for SDGs with Jade Ok

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4 min readJan 9, 2024


The Women in Tech series puts the spotlight on women who are championing the advancement of transformative technology and digital innovations across UNDP. By sharing these inspiring individual stories, we hope to encourage others to choose this path and spur gender equality in the digital sector.

Jade Ok Digital Strategist, UN SDG Action Campaign

Almost anything can be made possible through technology, but how can we use technology for the right purpose?

This was a recurring thought for Jade when working for big tech companies after graduating. Eventually, it made her take on a job at the UN SDG Action campaign and move from Melbourne, Australia to Bonn in Germany.

Now she is running the digital team within the SDG Action Team, where she is working on multiple campaigns seeking to unite people to come together across borders, sectors and generations to overcome the challenges of the global crisis.

“Moving from the private sector to UNDP was a big step for me, but also a step which has made me a lot happier. There are many challenges. There is a lack of resources, we often need to work overtime. But at the end of the day, it is a job which makes me very proud”.

In her role as Digital Strategist Jade recently helped realize the latest Unite To Act campaign, a global campaign that connects and mobilizes people to jointly advocate and take action for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Leading the digital efforts of the Campaign, Jade has worked with her team to develop platforms, websites and technologies to allow millions of people globally to take part in the movement.

“I keep going back to the purpose. Being a part of the SDG Action Campaign Team has made me realize that I can use my expertise in technology to reach the global goals and make the world better.”

Within the Unite To Act campaign, Jade worked with a partner to develop the Activator, a digital tool that invites users to take a picture, select their SDG ambition, and share their commitment across social media platforms, as well as register an SDG action on the Global Map, a platform designed and developed by Jade and her team.

Jade during a mission to Rome, Italy in 2023 for the UN SDG Action Awards with her colleagues

In 2023, over 150 million actions were registered by individuals and organization globally on the Global Map.

Jade joined the UN SDG Action Campaign Team during the Covid pandemic, which had given rise to the need to unite and mobilize people without meeting physically. Consisting of majority women, Jade believes this affects the work environment presents more opportunities.

“I feel that doors are quite open to women in UNDP. When I worked in the private sector I was always one of very few women. As a woman in ICT and working for UNDP I feel like I am on this amazing journey, I hope that many women will get to experience this.”

Similar to many other women in the Women in Tech series, Jade does not come from a strictly digital background, but has a university degree in Psychology.

“I thought Psychology was fascinating as it relates to user experience. During my studies I became interested in Human-computer interaction. After graduating, I moved straight into the tech industry, working with telecom, gaming, and digital agencies.

“When I began my studies, it seemed education was lagging behind in terms of technological developments. For this reason I picked up most of my knowledge about digital technologies while working. Now, education has caught up, and is more reflective of what is going on in society.“

Jade is currently pursuing a part-time master’s in Information Systems, specializing in digital transformation and AI for business, which she is pursuing while working full-time.

“The studies focus on data and digital transformation, which I can apply to my job right away. Especially now with the emergence of AI, it is crucial that we find ways to allow humanity to leverage AI for the right purpose.”

Jade posing with some UN colleagues at the UN SDG Action Awards Ceremony on 14 July 2023 at FAO HQ in Rome, Italy.

Striving to continuously learn, going back to studying again was a natural choice for Jade.

“As technology is constantly changing, working in the ICT sector means you need to accept that you are constantly learning. You need to adopt the mindset of a student.”

To support other women in the tech industry with her expertise, Jade is an Ambassador for Google’s Women Techmakers Program.