Young Voices in Graphic Design: Fareeha’s Internship Story

UNDP People for 2030
5 min readAug 30, 2023


Meet Fareeha Amjad, Graphic Design and Communications Intern at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Talent Acquisition and People Programmes (TAPP) unit based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Fareeha offers her invaluable insights from an internship marked by dedication to fostering youth engagement and boost the visibility of UNDP as the employer of choice.

Fareeha Amjad, UNDP Graphic Design and Communications Intern

Fareeha, a 28-year-old Pakistani woman from the city of Lahore, nurtured her passion for graphic design and communications from an early age. With an educational foundation in sociology, she embarked on a journey to elevate her artistic prowess. Pursuing studies in visual communication design in Lahore laid the steppingstones for her remarkable career.

Determined to enrich her artistic horizons and delve into extensive research, Fareeha applied for the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s program in Media Arts Cultures. This decision led her to embark on a two-year journey in three diverse European countries, namely Denmark, Poland, and Austria, each contributing to her multifaceted growth.

As her academic journey unfolded, Fareeha ventured into the realm of media art exhibition production and research, adding another layer to her diverse skillset. Her research focus on sustainable policies in the realm of media art exhibition production constitutes a living testament to her commitment to the fusion of creativity and sustainable practices.

Amidst her academic pursuits, Fareeha’s fascination with international development blossomed. Opting to anchor herself in Denmark, she found her niche working with the United Nations Development Programme as an intern specializing in Graphic Design and Communications. With an impressive three-year track record in both fields, Fareeha’s portfolio boasts an array of notable projects across various companies, showcasing her expertise in print, digital design, and strategic communications.

Creating Impact in the Rapidly Evolving Landscape of Visual Communication

Coming from Pakistan, a developing country, I deeply comprehend the significance of the UNDP’s mission, particularly in the realm of sustainable development. My internship experience has provided me with invaluable first-hand exposure to the impactful work carried out by the UN on the ground — a transformative experience that has opened numerous doors for me.

This opportunity to intern at UNDP has not only enriched my knowledge but also provided me the privilege of collaborating with individuals actively engaged in projects that are making a tangible difference in people’s lives worldwide. UNDP’s commitment to sustainable development and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) highly resonates with me and serves as a constant source of inspiration.

Since joining the UN, I have delved into extensive research on climate action policies, which has significantly enriched my studies in Media Arts Culture at my university. When I reflect on the Sustainable Development Goals, one pillar that has truly motivated my work in media and art research is climate action. This policy area has become integral to my research and artistic projects, infusing them with purpose and a commitment to a more sustainable future.”

Fostering Inclusivity, Diversity, and Human-Centric Policies

“I feel proud of being a part of such an all-encompassing and dynamic organization, one that operates at the forefront of diversity and inclusion, actively striving to create a more equitable and sustainable world. Through showcasing the power of diversity as both a strength and a privilege, we pave the way for positive change.

My experience within UNDP’s Office of Human Resources (OHR) where Talent Acquisition and People Programmes (TAPP) is embedded, has been nothing short of incredible, providing and equipping me with a working experience in an inclusive, diverse, and human-centric environment. Witnessing the tangible impact that these policies have on the lives and work of everyone around me has been truly eye-opening. Each day, I am reminded of the transformative nature of our mission, as it touches not only individuals but also the very fabric of our collective efforts.

Personally, I believe that the EVP pillars collectively make the UNDP an exceptional employer. The fact that diversity and inclusion constitute the cornerstones of the UNDP’s strategic framework of the People for 2030 Strategy is a key element to making it a truly inclusive, welcoming, and globally oriented organization. Among the pillars, if I were to single out one that resonates with me, it would undoubtedly be ‘Community of Purpose’. This emphasis on unity of purpose creates an inspiring environment where employees feel a genuine belonging, fuelled by a collective mission.

To name a few, during my time at the UNDP, I have had the very exciting task of applying the UNDP’s Employer Branding across all internal and external communication assets, through creating various visual elements like social media posts and stories, newsletters, brochures, presentations, infographics, motion graphics and videos. In the process of crafting a cohesive brand identity for the UNDP and the OHR Department, I have also had an opportunity to work with the Talent Development Unit (TDU) on creating the brand identity for UNDP Employee Onboarding Series.

Thriving in synergy: The UNDP’s OHR as an Inclusive Workplace

“For the past six months of my Graphic Design and Communications internship, I have been part of the OHR Department, and I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to collaborate with the best team. A team that has that is exceptionally skilled and really dedicated to their work. Throughout my time at the UNDP, I have been involved with a plethora of design and video projects. Engaging in substantial projects has played a pivotal role in driving my professional growth and enriching my learning experience within my role.

The professional environment has been a significant catalyst for my growth and learning. The conducive atmosphere, coupled with the approachable and friendly nature of my colleagues, facilitated a seamless transition to this new environment, making it easier for me to connect with new faces. These aspects, I believe, will remain among the fondest memories I will carry forward.